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Fire Burn

This vibrant beverage captures intense and robust tastes such as ginger, bush tea, and a hint of apple, paying homage to the 'Fireburn' uprising of 1878 in St. Croix. This historic event witnessed the burning of 50 plantations and a significant part of Frederiksted town, marking the most extensive labor revolt in Danish colonial history.



Experience the essence of Juneteenth liberation with a delightful drink crafted from tamarind, and spices reminiscent of the West Indies. This beverage is inspired by the end of slavery in the United States, commemorating the historic date of June 19, 1865.




This Carnival's beverage lively tropical flavors and bold colors evoke a desire to dance to the rhythms of history. It originated from enslaved Africans who incorporated their cultural practices into European pre-Lenten festivities to express themselves and celebrate their culture. Even after the abolition of slavery, Caribbean people continued to celebrate carnival to assert their cultural identity and freedom.


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Our transatlantic mocktail is a tribute to the journey of our ancestors, blending flavors of the sea and land. It features a unique infusion of seamoss and is topped with a creamy peanut crop finish.The transatlantic slave trade involved the coerced displacement of millions of Africans from their homelands, who were then transported across the Atlantic and sold into slavery.

 The transatlantic slave route destinations included:

  • Brazil (4.9 million)

  • British Caribbean (2.3 million)

  • Spanish Americas (1.3 million)

  • French Caribbean (1.1 million)

  • North America (0.4 million)



Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with our spiked lemongrass mango lemonade that has a refreshing twist of spicy jalapeno! Did you know that during the peak of the Transatlantic  Slave Trade in the 1800s, around 80,000 enslaved Africans were transported annually across the Atlantic? Unfortunately, this also led to the spread of yellow fever mosquitoes, which infected many of the enslaved Africans on their way to the Caribbean and Americas.


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Discover the delightful fragrance of West African Zobo, a therapeutic beverage produced from fresh hibiscus. Each sip will take you back to the past when our ancestors were brought over to keep livestock alive and increase the chances of enslaved ancestors surviving the journey across the Atlantic. Nowadays, Zobo serves as a symbol of the perseverance and power of African culture.

"In the early colonial era, plantation owners discovered numerous new plants in the tropical climates of West Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, the new home for 'guinea sorrel.'"


The Rainforest

Enjoy a revitalizing mocktail prepared with soursop, a tropical rainforest fruit. It's worth noting that following the end of African slavery in the mid-1800s, plantation agriculture moved from the Americas to the Indo-Pacific region, where the locals were forced to cultivate sugarcane, tea, coffee, and rubber. During this challenging time, many of the enslaved relied on medicinal herbs from the rainforest for survival.


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Our plantation drink is a tribute to the rich history of the Caribbean islands, where sugarcane was once the main crop, and enslaved Africans were the primary source of labor. Made with coconut water and sugarcane, each sip celebrates the vibrant culture and traditions that have emerged a turbulent past. It honors the resilience and contributions of those who toiled under the sun, cultivating the land and shaping the future of the islands.


Indulge in the Hurricane mocktail, a drink infused with ginger and green tea that symbolizes the journey of our ancestors during the Transatlantic slave trade. Hurricanes that occur from June to November follow the same path as those before us, reminding us of the resilience and strength of our forebears. This meaningful concoction honors the past while celebrating the rich cultural heritage that has emerged from such a turbulent history.



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