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Our Story

   400  Years of  Tradition  

Welcome to Yimi Skin and Tea! We believe that herbs are more than just a cup of tea; they are a way to connect with your ancestors and celebrate your health. We offer high-quality loose-leaf herbs that are perfect for those who enjoy tea as a ritual for health and wellness.


At Yimi Skin and Tea, we are committed to providing the most effective skincare and herbal solutions using ancient Afro-Caribbean secrets. Our products are handcrafted with care to ensure the highest quality. Following organic practices, we are proud to source our raw herbs from the West Indies, Africa, and South America. We meet our farmers and build relationships based on equity, respect, and community.


Our mission is to create a global community through a rich herbal culture that connects everyone, from the growing farmers to those who serve and enjoy it. Yimi Skin and Tea is a powerful company founded in 2019 by Glorae ( Queen Glo ) and Davanelle (Mama Africa) to share our knowledge, heritage, and connections with ancestral knowledge.

Queen Glo was raised in the countryside of North Carolina, where her appreciation for nature blossomed through exploring the hidden wonders bestowed by God in the natural world. In her quest to understand the missing pieces of her life, she realized that her pain guided her back to her ancestral traditions of using herbs, healing ceremonies, and meditation.

Motivated to delve deeper into her heritage, she ventured to Africa, where she reconnected with her Hebrew tribe in West Africa. Queen Glo retraced her ancestors' steps and sea routes during the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the 1700s. Queen Glo uncovered the essence of her Afro-Caribbean roots intertwined in her diverse DNA.


Mama Africa was born in St. Kitts and Nevis ( Sugar City ) while it was still under the British West Indian flag and spent part of her life on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix. She is a descendant of the Bantu tribe, and her ancestral roots can be traced back to East and South Africa, both known for their medicinal healing through herbs. As a sixth-generation Afro-Caribbean traditional healer, Mama Africa represents our culture, values, and healing secrets. She aims to assist those who seek a natural approach to medicine.


Herbs have always held a significant role in Afro-Caribbean culture, shaping the lives of its people from an early age. The story of the slave trade movement, the cultivation of sugar, and the subsequent journey of pain and healing have all contributed to the rich Afro-Caribbean culture sweetened with sugar cane. Mama Africa's grandmother, who loved herbs, taught her the importance of using herbs as a natural healing source. Mama Africa was chosen to continue the healing traditions and pass the knowledge to others, keeping the tradition alive.


Despite the deep connection we have with tea, the brands we cherish fail to reflect our ancestral heritage. This discrepancy has prompted Mama Africa to question why this is so. After living in the United States for over a decade, she realized that it was time to tell the story of our Afro-Caribbean ancestors through the herbs that Yimi Skin and Tea serve. Mama Africa believes that creating a brand that exemplifies our ancestry, culture, and identity is essential.

Note From Mama Africa

herbal blends that incorporate the ancient secrets of Traditional Afro-Caribbean tradition

Yimi Skin & Tea is more than just a herbal tea shop. Our brand is rooted in the Afro-Caribbean American experience, a unique fusion of African and Caribbean cultures that migrated to the United States of America during the slave trade. Unfortunately, this community has been stripped of its power, culture, and beliefs, making us vulnerable to discrimination and racism. In trying to fit in, we often lose our sense of identity.


I hope our brand will encourage our customers to embrace their heritage and stay true to themselves confidently. We want our products and services to inspire customers to pursue their wellness goals and give them the courage to follow their passions. By daring to be different, we can break free from stereotypes and stand out instead of just fitting in.

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