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Our Story

   120  Years of  Tradition  

We believe tea is a tie between people, places, and memories. It’s about celebrating all sorts of relationships and connecting people together. We want to celebrate all the small moments in life that give us the greatest joy - a kiss, a smile, a laugh, or a burst of creativity - alone or in the company of those we love.   For some, tea drinking is a ritual; for others, it is a way of communicating with friends and loved ones; and for some, it is just for health and wellness.

We want to make tea culture more accessible to people around the world and to speak to them in a way that coffee connects people here: inclusive, welcoming, and accessible.

We represent the sixth generation of Afro-Caribbean tea makers who promote our culture, values, and lifestyle. We are a brand that represents quality, authenticity, and unity. We want to inspire the next generation to be more confident about our culture and stay genuine and authentic to who they are - to be proud of being an Afro-Caribbean. The goal is to ensure that our loose-leaf tea serves your purpose to the highest quality.


Yimi Skin and Tea is a small company owned by Glorae and Davanelle Freeman, established in 2019. We source our raw herbs from local farmers in the United States and worldwide who grow using organic practices. Our vision is to build community worldwide through a rich tea culture, from the farmers who grow it to those who serve it and enjoy it.



Davanelle, a co-founder of Yimi Skin and Tea, from the British West Indies, specifically St. Kitts. Her ancestral roots trace back to Africa, known for its abundant supply of herbs. During her childhood, Davanelle was immersed in the culture of spices and tea as her grandmother grew herbs on their land. As a young girl, she helped her grandmother pick and blend tea by hand, which was then distributed to the villagers who drank tea daily. Her expertise in tea production stems from this upbringing, and she is deeply passionate about it. Tea runs in her veins.

Note From the Founder

herbal blends that incorporate the ancient secrets of Traditional Afro-Caribbean tradition

Tea is at the heart of Afro-Caribbean culture and has always been a part of my life. Yet the tea brands we know and love are not.

Afro-Caribbean. I couldn’t help but wonder why. I have lived in the United States for over ten years and realized we cannot just wonder why.


Our generation’s responsible for claiming our culture and creating a brand that represents who we are. Yimi Skin & Tea is not just a herbal tea shop. We reflect on the Afro-Caribbean American experience, a unique combination of the Caribbean and Africa that migrated to the United States of America. Unfortunately, being a minority in the U.S. makes us a target for discrimination and racism. Constantly trying to fit in, we sometimes get lost and forget who we are.

I hope this brand encourages the next generation to be more confident about our culture and stay true and authentic to who they are - to be proud of being Afro-Caribbean American. I hope it inspires them to pursue their dreams and gives them the confidence to do what they love. We can dare to defy expectations and stand out, not just fit in. 

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